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Building a business plan

💡 Tip: To best utilize these prompts, it is recommended that you provide a thorough explanation of your product or service, as well as concrete examples of your desired objectives, such as competitor names, their activities, or the products they offer. This will ensure that the prompts are tailored to your specific needs and goals, and will help to facilitate a more productive analysis of your competition.


  1. “What could be the unique value proposition of my business in [Nishe/market], and how does it differentiate itself from other competitors in the market?”
  2. “Write me the specific goals and objectives of business plan in [Nishe/market], and how can I measure progress and success?”
  3. “What are the market trends and demand for my [describe product/service], and how can I position my business to meet those needs?”
  4. “What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of my [Describe product/service], and how should I address them in my plan?”
  5. “What is the target market for my [describe product/service], and how can I reach and engage with that audience?”
  6. “What could be the pricing strategy for my [ describe product/service], and how does it compare to other competitors in the market?”
  7. “What are the costs associated with my business in [Nishe/market], including startup costs, operating expenses, and potential risks, and how can I manage those costs?”
  8. “What could be the sales strategy for my [Describe product/service], including sales channels, distribution, and customer acquisition?”
  9. “What are the marketing tactics and strategies that could be used to promote my business in [Nishe/market], including branding, advertising, and content marketing?”
  10. “What could be the organizational structure of [ Describe business/idea], including roles and responsibilities, and how will it support the growth and success of the company?”
  11. “Write me c the financial forecast for my business [Describe the idea/market], including revenue projections, cash flow analysis, and profitability? Write in tabular form.”
  12. “Here is the description of my business [Add description of idea/business]. What could be the timeline for launching and growing my business , including key milestones and performance indicators?”
  13. “Here is the description of my business [Add description of idea/business]. What is the competitive landscape for my business, including market share, pricing, and customer reviews, and how will I compete effectively?”
  14. “Here is the description of my business [Add description of idea/business]. Write me the overall vision and mission for this business, and how will it align with the needs and goals of my customers and stakeholders?”

🤓Highly Advanced Prompts

Develop a comprehensive business plan for [name of the company], a business that specializes in selling to a specific niche market and aims to achieve [specific goals]. Business plan should include an executive summary, financial projections outlining expected costs, sales, and profits, as well as a clear mission and vision statement. Utilize a formal tone throughout the plan and support the analysis with relevant statistics to demonstrate the viability and potential success of the proposed venture. Write in a tabular form.
What is the total addressable market (TAM) for (product/service) in [niche/industry]? Provide a detailed analysis.
What is the competitive landscape for (product/service) in [niche/industry], and can I differentiate my business from competitors in my business plan? Act as a researcher and provide a detailed SWOT analysis.
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