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🔥ChatGPT Prompts

💡 Tip: To best utilize these prompts, it is recommended that you provide a thorough explanation of your existing product or service, as well as concrete examples of your desired objectives, such as good products or ideas that you want to have similarities to. This will ensure that the prompts are tailored to your specific needs and goals, and will help to facilitate a more productive analysis of your competition.

  1. Develop a blog post for [specific audience/persona] that addresses [specific problem/pain point] and provides actionable solutions.
  2. Create a comprehensive guide on [specific topic/niche] that covers [specific subtopics].
  3. Write a thought leadership post for [specific industry/niche] that discusses [specific trend/issue] and provides unique insights and perspectives. Use the [add tone] tone to write the text.
  4. Write an introduction for the blog post. Here is the blog post [Add blog post]
  5. [Describe your product]. Develop a case study post on [specific product/service] that highlights [specific customer problem/need] and how our solution helped solve it.
  6. Summarize this article and highlight three main take-aways [Add copy of the article].
  7. Create a listicle post on [specific topic/niche] that provides [specific number] tips, tricks, or tools for [specific goal/outcome].
  8. How can we make the post more shareable with attention-grabbing headlines and social media snippets?
  9. Prepare a short description for Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin about this article. [Add copy of the article]. Give an answer in tabular form.
  10. Write a comparison post on [specific product/service] that analyzes and contrasts it with [specific competitor/alternative]. How can we make the post more informative with side-by-side feature comparisons and customer reviews?
  11. Write an opinion piece on [specific topic/niche] that takes a stance on a controversial issue or challenges conventional wisdom. How can we make the post more persuasive with logical arguments and counterarguments?
  12. Generate 10 ideas for the blog posts in [Specific topic/niche] targeting [target audience].
  13. Write me 10 engaging headlines for this article: [Add article copy].
  14. Create a how-to post on [specific skill/technique] that provides step-by-step instructions .
  15. Develop a round-up post on [specific topic/niche] that curates and summarizes the best content from various sources. How can we make the post more valuable with annotations, comparisons, and editorial comments?
  16. Create a post on [specific skill/technique] that features an interview with an expert or influencer in the field. How can we make the post more informative with thought-provoking questions and insightful answers?

👨‍🚀Advanced Prompts

Create a product review post on [specific product/service] that highlights its [feature 1], [feature 2], [list of pros], and [list of cons].
Act as Tim Ferris. Write an engaging blog post on [specific trend/technology] in [specific industry/niche] that provides [specific benefits/advantages] to [specific audience/demographic].
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